Staff Directory

2019 - 2020 Telephone Extensions/Emails

Washington Park  School 973-956-0010

Main Office Ext: 2103

District Staff

Washington Park School Nurse:


Beverly Luciano Ext: 2200


Memorial School Nurse/Health:


Lori Johnson Ext: 1200


Child Study Team (CST):


Danielle Berdan- Psychologist Ext: 3201


Gladys Campanile- Social Worker Ext: 3202


Jessica Haftek- Psychologist Ext: 3203


Cheryl Migliaccio- LDTC Ext: 3204


Erica Minde



Maggie Morris Ext: 3211


Kaitlin Nieglos Ext: 3212




Debra Barone Ext: 3200

School Security Officer:


John Sole Ext: 2106


Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds:


Peter Campilango Ext: 5200



Alisha Alava Ext: 3210


Susan Fruhbeis




Nicole Fennell

Computer Technology:


Alvin Cheng Ext: 4000


Michael Minieri Ext: 4001